Terms and Conditions


In order to hire a car from Rent Transport Bulgaria you need to present the following documents:

  • Valid driving license for at least one year before;
  • Personal identity card or passport, permanent residence and address in Bulgaria of the person who hires the car;
  • Citizens of countries that are not EU members must present also a valid international driver license;
  • A valid credit card is also a required condition.

Minimal age and restrictions for hiring a car from any group the minimal age of the person who hires the car is 21 years.

The driver must have driving experience of at least:

  • One year for class Mini, Economy
  • Two years for class Compact, Intermediate, Standard, Full Size. Persons who hire a car under the age of 21 pay Young Driver fee to the amount of 30.00 EUR.

Payment methods

  • Following credit cards are accepted: Mastercard, Visa, MasterCard debit and VISA Electron. Cash payment in combination with a valid credit card is possible. Rent Transport Bulgaria shall not refund the paid: price, taxes and additional service fees. Prepaid reservations are not subject of refund.


  • All insurances are considered invalid in the following cases: if you use the car to transport dangerous goods, smuggling or illegal passenger transport, if you provide the car to an unauthorized driver or to a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or opiate substances, driving out of the road, not allowed leaving the country, unauthorized car repairs. In case of damage or theft the person who hired the car must notify instantly Rent Transport Bulgaria and the competent authorities, otherwise, if he fails to provide an accident statement, all insurances will become void and the person who rented the car is liable for the full car value.
  • Insurance Civil Liability The rental price includes insurance Civil Liability according to the Bulgarian legislation.


Fee Limited Liability in case of Damage or Theft Damage and Theft Fee are included in the rental price in case of damage or theft they reduce the liability of the person who hired the car to the following amounts for the separate car classes:

  • 700 EUR – Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate;
  • 300 EUR – Standard, Full Size.

Fee Elimination of Liability in Case of Damage and Fee Elimination of Liability in Case of Theft

While the fee Limited Liability in Case of Damage is included in the price, the person who rents a car can accept also an additional fee that will eliminate his liability in case of damage or theft, as follows:

  • 10 EUR per day – Mini, Economy, Compact, Intermediate;
  • 15 EUR per day – Standard, SUV, Full Size.

The insurances and fees, accepted by the person who hires the car, don’t cover: damages or loss of wipers, antennas, signs, CD player/ panel, navigation system, mirrors, windows, broken by negligence, personal luggage, tires, tire rims, hubcaps theft, damages on the car suspension system, damages or losses of components of the car interior.

Delivery and return

The service Delivery and return is offered on request in advance at the closest office of Rent Transport Bulgaria.

  • It is free for the territory of Sofia.
  • In both directions between: Sofia – Head Office /free/, Sofia Airport /free/, Bourgas Airport /84 euro/, Varna Airport /96 euro/, Plovdiv Airport /48 euro/.
  • Out of business hours You can take / return the car out of the regular business hours for a fee of 25.00 EUR. A car without return One – way rent is possible between the offices of Rent Transport Bulgaria in the country:

Other fees

Travel abroad is possible with the cars, hired from Rent Transport Bulgaria after a request in advance for a fee of 36.00 EUR.

Airport Fare – If you hire a car from an airport office you pay airport fare to the amount of 15.00 EUR.

Road tax Road tax to the amount of 1.00 EUR per day is due.

Winter equipment fee – During the period from 1st November to 31st March is added obligatory winter equipment fee for each day of the rent. The fee amounts to 3.00 EUR per day and it includes winter tires, antifreeze liquid, windshield washer fluid, ice scraper, etc.

Fuel shortage All cars are hired with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank. Fuel shortage is charged at the time of return 1.8 EUR per liter diesel or gasoline. Loss of documents, keys and number plates in case of a loss of documents, keys or number plates of the car is due a penalty to the amount of 200.00 EUR. VAT All indicated prices are in EUR and exclude VAT.

Additional equipment

Navigation system – 5.00 EUR per day; Baby / Child car seat – 5.00 EUR per day; Snow chains – 5.00 EUR per day; Ski Rack – 5.00 EUR per day; Additional equipment is offered subject to availability and after order in advance.

Additional driver – A fee to the amount of 3.00 EUR per day is paid for each additional driver.